How does the Kangaroo button work?

The Kangaroo Button lets you slip out of the house or open a door without shutting off the entire alarm system. Press the Kangaroo Button and a blue light will come on. You have 10 seconds to open the door or window before the blue light shuts off and the door rearms. If you open the door/window within the 10 seconds, it will remain disarmed. When you shut the door/window you have a 1-minute grace period before the sensor will arm again.

When would you use the Kangaroo button?

Many people sleep with the home in Armed Doors and Windows mode. If your family is sleeping and you need to leave early for work, you can slip out without disarming and rearming, and without notifications being sent to your sleeping family members. 

If you are home in Armed Doors and Windows mode and would like to open a window for some fresh air, just press the kangaroo button, open the window, and keep it open as long as you’d like without shutting off or tripping the alarm. That Motion + Entry Sensor will be effectively disarmed. If you have others in the home, they will remain armed.

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