You will need to mount your sensor and magnet on a closed door or window. The sensor and magnet need to stay in close range of each other, 20mm or less. To help you measure that distance your sensor has a blue light that will glow when the two pieces are close enough together. This will only happen during setup. After setup you will not see a blue light. 


Practice moving the two pieces together and apart, and watch the light turn on and off.

  1. Select a spot on your window or door to mount the sensor and magnet. You will need to choose a spot on your door or window that is between 4’3”-4’9” off the floor. 
  2. Make sure your door/window is closed and that the blue light is glowing when the pieces are in mounting position. 
  3. Peel and stick one part to the door or window and one part to the door or window frame (or both parts to doors for french doors or cabinets.) 

Pro Tip!
Once paired and you've decided to move the magnet to the other side of your sensor, you will need to reset your sensor and go through the pairing process again. This is to ensure that the sensor and the magnet is within range and will continue protecting your home.

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