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How do I reset my Kangaroo security device/s? (with video)



  • Dymorales69

    Trying to reset but the carms saying to open the security app?? How to go to security app??

  • Ned Gilmore

    The door bell is not working

  • Fred Cloud

    I lost all contact of my device in my new phone

  • Anita Wells Tucker

    I’m not getting my images. Black screen.

  • Rosevette Brotherns

    My camera doorbell is showing a red light that's it

  • Christopher Barber

    If u are having trouble with resetting it take the paper that has the QR Code in side on it off and leave if off that what it did and it work again

  • Mark Contreras

    I took batteries out and pushed the button for over a minute and the light don't blink or does it reset

  • sandra smith

    I am trying to reset WiFi password

  • melvinjr70072

    It only 3month old still not working

  • Braxton Moore

    I got a new phone and couldn’t get into my old account. I held the reset button and it was blinking green and then turned off and will not turn back on if I unplug it and plug back in the light blinks for about five seconds, and it turns off.

  • Regina Phillips

    Braxton Moore I have  the same problem green light blinks for a few seconds then nothing



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