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Motion detection settings and sensitivity (with video)



  • Linda Petrie

    How much would it cost me to upgrade so I could get a color camera doorbell ringer thing. And how much would it cost me if I got a new color for my backyard and could I sometimes put it inside the house?


    I have the same problem when are you going to answer the question how can we lower the sensitivity for this device

  • Tina Crees

    Where are the answers to these questions at

  • Katherine Vaughan

    How to turn motion detector off. It is windy today and the motion detector is beeping every minute

  • Steve Mercer

    My motion detecter only works half the time. Buyer beeware

  • Rosa Herrera

    My notifications sounds are on, I can clearly tell someone walked by but no picture at all, it's frustrating. I'm going to return it and I'm going to get the Geeni indoor camera by the window, it records, constantly streaming and saves pictures from motion detection for $2 more.

  • Brandee Hayer

    Motion detector does not work does not take pictures and I don't know why

  • Leslie Klinger

    Me too! Since we got doorbell 2018, this setting NEVER worked. Not cool.
    Why can't they fix this before they keep adding features!!!

  • SHELLYB313

    Don't like it upgrading to something else

  • rose pabedinskas

    I have the same problem, I can not move the slider down. It's on average and I get alerts when all traffic goes by or if it's a windy day and the branches are moving on my tree.

  • Andrea Suchter


  • Ronda Dickeson

    The slider to adjust sensitivity will only go to extra and average, no lower. I live on a main hwy and would like to set it to low. Is there a way to do that?

  • rmargaret602

    This kangaroo doorbell is no good it have not work good if you talk to someone they lie I will never buyanothe  one 

  • Kathy Lawson Gottschald

    Agreed. Terrible products and customer service!

  • Melissa S

    I’d like to be in the know, as well, please!

  • Aundrea Klantchnek

    Which device do you have? Cuz mine already did this automatically when we installed it. Some clips dont come through clear enough or detect motion soon enough to get a clear view of my visitor. But usually i can see just fine. I have the Doorbell Camera.

  • Keith Cheshire

    Why is there no way to turn the camera on at the doorbell to see who is at the door? sorry a little three second blurry view is not enough! Why cant I found a way to go back and monitor the area around the door!


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