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Sharing, saving or deleting activity history (with video)



  • Ive had the same issues that a few of you've listed such as having 2 "protection policies" & the camera not uploading content. But my biggest concern is the way this company handles claims after getting a paid plan. They seem to do everything possible to avoid paying on them. It's not rite #kangaroo. 

  • Rosemarie Andrade

    I'm very unhappy with company,W hen I first got this service able to do everything the day I really need to see something I can't see every thing the would take object out of frame they are cropping the video sending me the same video over and over ever minute just playing games 


    I'm out

  • patti Morgan

    I’m curious why I delete daily activity and kept approximately 4 hrs of one day I needed and now it has locked my activity and I have no access to the free 24 hours ? Can you explain ?

  • Janette Gonzalez

    On a paid plan says it'll be recording all the movement, not just 12 seconds. It takes too long to detect motion and sometimes it is impossible to gain access to a live stream.

  • reneetorres279

    I'm paying for two plans and I only need one I need to be reimbursed for one and the

  • Kita Tennessee

    I think I need reimbursed to

  • Gloria Smartt

    I'm paying for a plan and not able to get any pictures

  • Janette Gonzalez

    I am wondering why the paid plan says it'll record all the movement but it is recording just 12 seconds with no sound at all! Also, to get remote access of a live stream sometimes it is impossible!

  • Bobby yaga

    Same question as above


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