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  • Tyler Booth

    So... The Water and Climate Sensor doesn't integrate with Google home?

  • Jim Brice

    Yeah I am having a problem with the sensor too. Why have it on the packaging thst it works with Google Home when it really doesn't?

  • Dave Hess

    Please include temperature, humidity, and leak detection statuses to these integrations, and provide API access for further integrations. Thank you.

  • Erick Piñon

    No puedo integrar mi cámara al asistente de Google

  • Triane Clowers

    You People Stink when it comes to communicating. I have submitted all information that I had for when my package was stolen. I will not keep sending the same information over and over again. What you need to do is respond to my request.

  • The Mandalorian Smuggler

    I’ve own Kangaroo for over a year now and I’ve not been able to ever intergrate it with my Google home what so ever! Overall, this whole service is a massive cheap piece of shit system

  • Robin Hensley, Hoskins

    Does the Google access come with the free basic plan for motion detectors or do I have to pay for it

  • Raymond O McDonald

    Any chance you might work with roku to integrate with their devices so you can get notifications and picture in picture pop-ups on the tv when watching stuff on roku???


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