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Getting an error message that says "Preparing video" or "Downloading failed"? (with video)



  • cathy DENNISON

    Well lol, says chat with someone and you get sent to these articles to read what you've already tried. NOT HELPFUL

  • Roy Barnett

    I'm having trouble setting up the device can someone please help me out with this issue?

  • Britt C

    Photos just randomly stopped uploading. I changed the batteries yesterday and then today it quit showing images. I have had this device before but had to replace it after 6 months maybe. I love this thing but I have reset it and tried all the trouble shooting things and nothing is fixing it....

  • Jreno1313

    I tried to reset my camera doorbell over 3 times now. I called Kangaroo and she told me that she would update my software then try it again in 30 minutes, Still the camera  will not load photos.  Plus I got double charged for the services. To bad last time I had this doorbell it worked great, I also watched the videos on resetting which were about useless.

    I am going to write this doorbell off as a bad investment and throw it in the trash.


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