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Is your Indoor + Outdoor Camera not able to scan the QR Code during pairing process? (with video)



  • Dean Studer

    My code on the camera is very badly damaged. Is there any way to otherwise make it work?

  • Gladys Lanier

    My QR code is missing. How else can I pair

  • Christine Picardal

    Hi there Gladys Lanier! If there's no QR Code along the pairing process, you might be pairing a Doorbell Camera instead. Kindly check on the box of the device what's the name you have on your end. If you have the Doorbell Camera, kindly check on this FAQ link for better assistance or you may reach our helpful GuRoos for pairing process. 

  • Joe “Joshua” Morales

    Hi Christine, I just want to say that your questions are very helpful. I didn't even have to ask for help because I've seen you looking for the same answers I am. Thanks for sharing your info.


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