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You must add the ability for home owner to be an administer



  • Lori Higgins

    You should be able to do that or something very similar. I gather what you're saying... However if you're adding users you don't trust 🤔 Why even add them period lol?? You can also go to the cloud or whatever they've saved to (device)
    Other users cannot get into that unless you've allowed that as well. Hope you figured it out😊 good luck 🤞

  • Nobody Special

    I made the mistake of adding my wife and I don't trust her at all she soon to be my ex-wife, they say the third time's a charms so we'll see LOL. Is there a way to boot them off of there? I put her in with my phone number from my cell phone she has no phone number on her cell phone and I can see her on there as a user should I click on her account which is really also mine since I let her use my phone number I'm not sure if they're linked and I don't want to boot myself off and I know she's erasing videos and I've only had the thing three days. My fault for marrying a 17 year old younger than me girl who has never lived on her own or supported herself, she hasn't cooked doesn't clean doesn't do laundry she only does the one good thing and not even all that much anymore, anyway if anyone's got an answer please let me know and my system works just fine it picks up motion as well as when they ring the doorbell I get them coming up from a distance during the doorbell you can change the sensitivity to the other person that was, look around in settings I believe it's around notifications look for sensitivity camera sensitivity click on that and put it all the way slide to the right it'll show you how far it covers and it does make a big big difference. And yes the batteries don't last for nothing buy some rechargeable Energizer batteries I found that works well however when you're charging them and they're fully charged take it off unplug it and then take the batteries off immediately or the charger will drain the batteries if you leave them in when it's not plugged into the wall, another tip with the Energizer rechargeable batteries do not leave them plugged in the charger if they're not plugged in the wall it'll drain them back to being dead  asking

  • Mary Lankford

    Find my uncharged camera 

  • Mary Lankford

    How do you find my camera if it is not charged up, but is in my house connected to my phone app 


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