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Viewing from Windows PC : Windows 10 - Current



  • Brian Blythe

    That would be nice and actually makes a hell of a lot of sense and develop same scenario for Mac.
    Currently I'm having issues trying to use BlueStacks Android emulator software where I've downloaded the app from the Google Play Store. However I am unable to have the app except my mobile phone number so I can't actually log in but in theory it should work to be able to view what's going on with my cameras from my computer.

    I first tried to do this with my Windows 10 virtual machine but it was running too slow so I researched and found the Mac version and decided to try that so time will tell I guess.

  • Patrick Hogan

    the newer blue stacks 5 emulater actually runs alot smoother even on older machines due to the reduced amount of demands on system resources, if u still have issues with using the emulater, i would suggest another currently available option if you are somewhat knowlegeable with computers, there is an android based operating system called x86 project that comes in both a 32bit and 64 bit option (64 bit also known as x64 rather than x86 which is the 32bit varient, the x64 is needed for computers which have more than 3GB of system ram installed due to the 32bit limitation of recognizing only up to 3GB of ram, any additional to that wouldnt be seen by the 32bit OS, and would therefore be of no help or use when unseen/non-accessable, so for computers with 4GB of ram or higher get the x64bit veriant, the OS IS FREE as its ooen source, it can be ran in 3 ways 1st) as a live disk where the usb drive/alternative storage then the system master drive, which is generally labeled as the C:/ drive unless a user has changed the assigned drive letter at some point, then u would boot the computer directing the boot menu to the storage device containing the x86 project os where ur computer will boot into android os instead of windows for example, then download kangeroo in the play store as u would ur phone, 2nd) option your able to do is install the x86 project os along side your windows installation and after installation each time the computer is powered on or restarted, for about 30seconds you will see a screen asking if u want to boot in windows or x86 project, self explanitory from there this is also known as ‘dual booting’, 3rd) u can install x86 project as a stand alone os where you would install the os replacing the windows os by first erasing the primary boot drive and fresh installing the x86 project (obviously only recomended if you know what ur doing with os installations ext, and after u backup any data u want to keep and not have lost, ive used both the new bluestacks and the x86 project options with the kangaroo android app without issues, and once tge bugs are worked out with the windows 11 android subsystem side load feature, that too will be a viable ootion as well. good luck on finding what works best 4 u! 

  • richbarnes09

    What would the list include to have the app on a laptop or PC where it could be connected to a monitor on the wall of workplace 


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